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We value your questions, feedback and suggestions. Feel free to write to us anytime!  Scroll down to see a collection of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) and answers.

Letters to

          "I finally uploaded a couple of images, but when I search for myself, I can?t find it.  what am I doing wrong?  this site is stunning!  I just love it.  good job.

          -Pamela B."

          A&DO:  Before listings become visible in the directory, they must be reviewed for originality, offensive material, etc.  The process usually take no longer than 24 hours and helps keep our site free of inappropriate images.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!


Questions & Feedback:

Having trouble finding something in our directory? Feel free to write me, Heather, at and I?ll find it for you! Provide as much information as possible, and I?ll see what I can do!

We are striving to be the most efficient and easy-to-use directory on the Internet. As the website is developing, we are compiling this list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. I do not have the time to set-up my account. What are my options?
    For those members who need extra assistance or do not have the time, we offer the "Help Setting Up Your Listing" service. You can find more information on your My Account Homepage or by emailing us at

  2. I would like to purchase something from a member. Can I contact to make a purchase?
    No, our members are in complete control of their own listing. Please contact our members directly about any questions regarding their work/services. does not take any commissions or fees from our members? sales.

  3. Do you share or sell personal information?
    No, does not sell or share members? information (all credit card transactions are through a secured SSL; we do not compile or store any information.)

  4. Does choose what images and content members are allowed to display?
    No, our members choose all posted images and content. They must, however, abide by our Terms & Conditions and Standards Policy.

  5. What is a "Printable Portfolio"?
    Printable Portfolio: when clicked, the image you are viewing will print in our print-ready format instead of the html layout. This feature is also used in the Announcements Section. For some time, designers have been telling us how useful Printable Portfolio pages are. They are able to easily show client?s tear sheets printed from their own computer.

  6. How do I return to the Homepage?
    Click on the logo to return to the Homepage.

  7. What is the difference between Browse and Quick Browse on the Homepage?
    Quick Browse is a selection of Categories, and a sampling of Sub-Categories.

  8. I really like a featured member?s image in the Slide Show. How do I get to their page?
    Click on the image in the Slide Show and it will take you right to their page.

  9. Why would your members want to be in such an extensive directory? Isn?t there a lot of competition?
    We at think there?s a distinct advantage to having similar works in one place. From a sound business perspective, it makes sense to be near others doing similar work. Why? For the same reasons that cities create districts of similar enterprises; the more people who see the work, the better chance of creating a connection.

  10. Why do some members? listings appear more than once in the SEARCH results?
    Our members have the option of choosing some Additional Categories in which to appear. If they chose to register in the same category with different Specific Categories, they will appear more than once in the Search/Browse results.

  11. What is the "Recommend A Page" feature?
    When you see a member?s page that you think someone you know will enjoy, click Recommend A Page to email that page?s link. You will also have an option to add a personal message.

  12. What are the Categories and Sub-Categories of
    I. Artists
    Ceramic, Drawing, Fiber, Folk Art, Glass, Illustration. Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media, Painters, Performance, Photography, Prints, Sculpture, Stone, Wearable, Wood.

    II. Designers
    Architects, Graphic, Industrial, Interior, Landscape, Toy, Web.

    III. Furniture
    Contract, Residential

    IV. Decorative Arts
    Accessories, Architectural, Antiques, Bath, Bed, Carpets/Rugs, Doors/Entryways, Drapery, Fabric, Flooring/Tile Fountains, Garden, Hardware, Kitchen, Lighting, Planters, Props, Textiles, Wall Coverings.

    V. Showrooms
    Furniture, Decorative Arts.

    VI. Galleries

    VII. Art Reps

    VIII. Museums
    Art, Decorative Arts

    IX. Design Centers

    X. Universities

    XI. Publications
    Magazines, Books, Catalogs, Newspapers, Writers

             XII. Healing Arts

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