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Roslyn Rose
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Roslyn Rose
After many years of experience with traditional forms of printmaking, I find the medium of computer printmaking intriguing. The contemporary introduction of the virtual darkroom has enabled me to integrate fleeting images from life and from my imagination.

I blend my manipulated images of local scenes with old photographs that I have bought or borrowed. Integrating early Twentieth Century portraits with contemporary images suggests intimate moments in time and place that may have occurred. Each picture of an individual may tell a story, but I choose to reinvent another context for each scenario by integrating the early pictures within modern images, revealing possible histories influencing their descendants. Viewers are free to blend their own remembrances with the illusions I have presented.

Although most of my current art work is classified as photography, I am really an artist who uses the camera as a tool and as a source for representations to be combined into montages of realistic and/or surrealistic creations.

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